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2020 brought unexpected hardships to many people across the world; Nik and Ming included. Nik has been an entrepreneur since his early twenties. With the impact of COVID-19, he was left no choice but to close two of his businesses. Ming, as well, was laid off from his job as a head rigger for Cirque Du Soleil. They were both left jobless and unaware of where they would be in a few months due to the climate of society. Nik and Ming share a passion for food. They have both dedicated large parts of their lives to exploring different countries and indulging in not only the cultures but the cuisines. Italy has always been a place held close to Nik’s heart. When Nik visited Florence for the first time, He experienced food he knew he wouldn’t be able to find in New York City. With the unknown that lay ahead and the desire to create Nik and Ming teamed up to recreate the Tuscan Panini. When a New Yorker hears the word “panini” they envision, hot crusty sandwiches with warm deli cold cuts and melted cheeses. However, the Cento Percento food truck brings the first ever Tuscan panini to NY. With every bite of our freshly made focaccia, high-quality Italian imported meats and cheeses we send your tastebuds on an adventure.